New Lip Products From L'Occitane

- post contains gifted items - 

I am obsessed with lip products, I just can't ever stop myself from buying more! Lightly tinted products are always my go-to and these three newbies from L'Occitane are my new favourites. I have been rotating between them for the last couple of weeks and I can't get enough. 
New Lip Products From L'Occitane
L'Occitane recently launched a full collection of lip products including lip balms, lipsticks as well as lip scrubs. All of these products are silicone free while being vegetarian-friendly. They have been infused with fruits from Provence and the Mediterranean Basin while also being enriched with Vitamin E. I have been testing out two of the lip balms, as well as one of the lipsticks and I don't have a bad thing to say about these three! 

All three of these products have light yet deliciously fruity scents. I love scented beauty products and with fruity scents being one of my favourites, it's a match made in heaven! All three of the products have slightly different scents which I love. I adore the packaging L'Occitane has got it so right with this collection. The lipsticks come in sleek tubes in the iconic yellow that L'Occitane is known for. The lip balms come in stunning little frosted glass jars with the same lids that the face masks have with L'Occitane embossed into the top. 

The Red-Y To Play Fruity Lipstick (£18) is the perfect everyday red shade. I'm not usually a fan of reds but as this isn't incredibly pigmented, I find it works well with my skin tone. It's very comfortable to wear with hydrating properties thanks to the pomegranate, carrot and pomelo oils. This lipstick is two-toned, it has an inner circle of a lighter colour which I find makes the red a little more natural on the lips but blends evenly. It's fairly long-lasting on the lips too and I love the sheen it gives the lips. 

The two lip balms that I have are Pink Calisson Tinted Balm as well as the Gimme Mauve Tinted Balm. These retail for £20 each and they have a few other options available as well. These balms have a very lightweight creamy texture and feel like a drink of water on the lips. They have a very sheer tint to them that I can't get enough of, They are incredibly hydrating! These are great for dry lips as they provide long-lasting hydration benefits and I always find myself reaching for these other my other lip balms. I love both shades, in the jars, they look like bold colours but on the lips, they are much more natural and have a great glossy sheen to them.  

The L'Occitane lip products are available - HERE



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