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Summer Nails with Kiss imPRESS

- post contains gifted items - 

In the last couple of months, I have really got back into wearing false nails and I never thought about version for the toes! With warm weather looking like it's here to stay for a while, I want my toes to be sandal ready and these nails are a great place to start. 
Summer Nails with Kiss imPRESS
Summer Nails with Kiss imPRESS
Summer Nails with Kiss imPRESS
The Kiss imPRESS Nails are so quick and easy to apply which always makes them one of my go-to products to use on my nails. They have so many different colours, finishes and designs available so there is bound to be one for you. I tend to go for ones with a design rather than just plain polish as I'm terrible at doing nail art on myself. I have been wearing false nails a lot in the last couple of months and every time it has been Kiss imPRESS nails. 

You can honestly apply these nails within a minute or two and be out the door! It's crazy how quick and easy they are to do, they are foolproof! With these nails, for both fingers and toes, all you need to do it peel off the thin layer in the back of the nail and press onto your nails - it's that simple! I have always found Kiss nails to be extremely comfortable to wear and I can't get over how long wearing they are considering they are pre-glued. These nails always last for well over a week, usually around ten days before I remove them to apply another design or a coat of polish. 

The nails for toes are something I have never tried before but I love the idea of them as I hate my feet and they are a fun thing to do for the summer months. They look like you've had them done professionally and they would be great to use for any weddings this season. I found the nails for the toes to last longer on the nails than the regular ones which I was expecting. The ones I have been trying out are the 'Fancy Feet' nails that have one nail that's a teal/blue shade with gold detailing and the rest are gold glitter. 

Kiss imPRESS Nails are available at Superdrug - HERE



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