Fake It Till You Break It - Jenn P. Nguyen | Book Review

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I love a book featuring some fake dating so I knew I would be a fan of this! It did not disappoint and if you're looking for a cute, easy reading, YA book to read at the end of summer, I would definitely say to check this book out next. 
Fake It Till You Break It - Jenn P. Nguyen

Mia and Jake have known each other their whole lives. They've endured summer vacations, Sunday brunches, even dentist visits together. Their mothers, who are best friends, are convinced that Mia and Jake would be the perfect couple, even though they can't stand to be in the same room together.
After Mia's mom turns away yet another cute boy, Mia and Jake decide they've had enough. Together, they hatch a plan to get their moms off their backs. Permanently. All they have to do is pretend to date and then stage the worst breakup of all time--and then they'll be free.
It's the perfect plan - except that it turns out maybe Mia and Jake don't hate each other as much as they once thought...

My Review 

I love books that give me a level of escapism and this book is just that. It's light and fluffy with a cute romance and some witty elements. From the first few pages, you experience the witty side of this book and I was hooked. I love the fake dating trope and this book did it decently but I wasn't so much of a fan of the hate-to-love element. Them hating each other didn't make a whole lot of sense as the reason why seemed to hate each other was because their mum's always forced them to spent time together. But I think that might have actually been the point. They don't hate each other, not deep down. 

I really liked every character in this book. Mia was extremely likeable and Jake had some unexpected depth to him. I also liked that they were neighbours, I wasn't expecting that. The moms were hilarious and I loved whenever they made an appearance. One thing I did find confusing is that Jake's mom is actually his aunt and it wasn't well explained at all. You don't find out what happened to his parents until right at the end of the book. 

The fake dating element of the book starts about 60 pages in and it was funny and cute. I loved when they went on the double date and started to realise that they actually liked each other when we could see it all along. This book had a tonne of internal dialogue which isn't something I usually notice but this book was a lot of thinking and feeling. The twist of the book was predictable but in a good way and it did make sense for the plot. I adored the ending, it was the perfect ending but I would have loved for an epilogue. 

This book gave me all the vibes for a cute, teenage Netflix movie, who do I need to pitch this idea to?

Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen is available - HERE



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