Kindle Unlimited Reading Recommendations

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Kindle Unlimited has really upped my reading game. I have had Kindle Unlimited for almost all of 2019 so far thanks to great deals and offers and I thought I would share some books and series to check out if you have KU. I will also have a link for a completely free 30-day trial at the end of this post.
Kindle Unlimited Reading Recommendations
Kindle Unlimited is £7.99 a month and you can unlimited access to all of the titles available on the service. You can check out ten items at a time, once you're finished all you have to do is return them, you can do this on the Amazon website or directly on your Kindle and you can check out new items. You don't get to keep any of the books through this service but you can check them out for as long as you would like while you have the subscription. They don't just have books on KU, they also have magazines, graphic novels and comics which is great if you have the app on your tablet or phone.

The Harry Potter Series

Somehow I have made it to 25 years old and never read the Harry Potter series. I have been on the studio tour and watched a few of the movies but I have never read the full series so I was so excited to see them all available on KU. These books are around £5 each on Kindle so it's an incredible deal just to be able to read these books. Everybody told me to wait until Autumn to read these for the first time and I can't wait to go to Hogwarts! 

R.S Grey

Rachel is my favourite author, I have reread so many of her books and I recommend them to everyone. I have loved all but one of her books, I do want to give that book I didn't get on with another chance as I think the problem might have just been with me. R.S Grey puts out multiple books a year and I adore her rom-coms. I have read all but three of her titles, I am saving those for a rainy day. My favourite books are Hotshot Doc, Arrogant Devil, Scoring Wilder and Coldhearted Boss. The last one is her newest book which I have a full review that you can check out - HERE

Meghan Quinn

In June, I binged through quite a few of Meghan's books, I really can't get enough of her stuff. I started off with The Locker Room which is mainly a new adult, college romance which I really enjoyed, apart from the huge time jump. After I read that I started to make my way through a bunch of her titles and I will always have one on my Kindle ready to go for the next few months. My favourite Meghan Quinn book I have read so far is That Second Chance, queue all the swooning! I loved reading this so much on KU that I might just have to order a paperback to have it on my shelf as I know this is a book I will reread again and again. If you love a rom-com, you'll love Meghan's books. Her next book is out on the 27th which is That Forever Girl, the next book in the same series as That Second Chance. I have an arc of this and I really enjoyed it, the review will be up soon. 

If you want to try out Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days, you can check it out - HERE



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