Kiss Lash Essentials

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I love my lashes from the high street, I personally don't think you can beat them! There are so many different styles and brands to choose from at much more affordable prices. Kiss is one of my go-to lash brands and I love that they now have some of their lashes in double packs! Usually, when I find a style of lashes that I like, I will wear them to death so it's always nice to have another pair ready to go.
Kiss Lash Essentials
Kiss Lash Essentials
I have had the Kiss Lash Couture lashes before and I really liked them. The lashes in this collection are faux mink. I always find Kiss lashes to be comfortable to wear along the lash line and the Boudoir Lash Pack (£11.99) is fantastic value for money. Usually, one pair of lashes from Kiss would cost around £8 depending on the retailer so for only a few pounds more, you get an extra set! You also get adhesive with your lashes but I always like to have a tube of lash glue on hand, especially for on the go. 

The Boudoir Lash Couture Lashes are one of my favourite styles. These lashes feature wispy, fluttery lashes with high volume and a flared out effect. They have a great length to them as well, they aren't so long that they will take over the eyes and they have a black lash band. The faux mink collection has an exclusive knot-free design in the lash band with weightless volume and curl while being soft and seamless. These lashes are suitable for those who wear contacts. 

The Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive is a new lash glue that claims to have super strong hold. It has a brush tip applicator which I am a huge fan of as you can apply it directly to the lash band with no mess. One thing I love about this lash glue, apart from the fact that it actually works brilliantly, is that it's clear. You never have to worry if you apply too much to the lash band as it won't ruin your eye look. Clear lash glues are lifesaving on days that I don't wear any winged liner. 

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