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St Moriz Tanning Favourites

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I have been using St Moriz products for years and in my teens, it was always my go-to tanning brand! You can beat their formula for the price tag so I was excited to try out a few products that are newer and ones that I hadn't tried before.
St Moriz Tanning Favourites
St Moriz Tanning Favourites
St Moriz Tanning Favourites
St Moriz has a few clear tanning products now which I am always intrigued by! I am not always the best with my application so clear products usually scare me a little bit. The No Mess Clear Gradual Tan Mousse (£6.99) allows you to slowly build up for tan to have it looking nautral and the Clear Tanning Mousse in Medium Dark (£6.99) will give you a deeper tan. As both of these products don't have a guide colour so you are without the risk of the guide colour transferring onto your bedding or clothing! These tanning products will develop over the span of 10 hours and once you reach your desired shade, simply rinse off to halt the development process. Multiple applications will leave you with a more inrense and darker tan.

I always use a mitt to apply and blend my tanning products and as these are both clear based, I would recommend going much slower when applying them and making sure you don't miss any spots. I do prefer the gradual tan as it has more of a lighter shade and because I am naturally very white so it looks much more natural on me. They both last well on the skin, I always like to reapply my tans every 5/6 days to keep them looking fresh and without any patchiness.

The Advanced Pro Tan Boosting Facial Serum (£9.99) is a gem of a product! I love adding products like this to my facial moisturisers as I wear SPF every single day and my face so much lighter than the rest of my body. It's recommended you add 3-6 drops into your moisturiser before applying to the skin, I always recommend starting off with fewer drops. I love the colour that these drops give the skin and even though I have slightly sensitive skin, I haven't had any issues with it irritating the skin.



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