Novexpert Velvet Scrub Hydro-Biotic Review

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When it comes to exfliating the skin, I often go for chemical exfoliators so it has been forever since I have used a product like this! I have tried a few products from the Novexpert brand and I have really liked them so I had high hopes for this! 
Novexpert Velvet Scrub Hydro-Biotic Review
The Novexpert Velvet Scrub Hydro-Biotic is creamy face scrub that will leave you with a velvety feel to the skin. This scrub is non-drying, non-irritating as well as being non-foaming and suitable for the face and lips as well as sensitive skin. I have been using this for a while now and I am obsessed with it! It is definitely one of the best scrubs I have used and instantly makes a huge difference to the skin. 

You can use this scrub once or twice a week, if I'm having a bad skin week I will use it twice. The main reason I typically use chemical exfoliators as these type of scrubs will dry my skin out but that isn't the case with this. It's very creamy on the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped of moisture. If you have sensitive skin and have been looking for a new scrub to try, definitely check this one out as I haven't has any issues with it. 

From the first time I used this, I was so impressed. It is fairly gentle on the skin, it never leaves my skin looking redder, but leaves the skin looking and feeling amazing. It completely smoothes my skin, unlike any scrub I have ever used before and left it looking brighter and renewed. Any texture, lines or pores look so much better after use that I can't see myself stopping using this any time soon.



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