My Favourite Netflix Comedy Specials

I adore stand up. I'm not easily offended and I don't think you should get offended at jokes (unless they are you know, racist), they are jokes. I thought I would share my favourite stand up specials that have my rolling around laughing until my stomach hurts. But if you are easily offended, click away.
My Favourite Netflix Comedy Specials
Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

I had no idea who Dave Chappelle was until his first Netflix special came out to be completely honest. But he is at the top of the comedy game and now I've googled him, I'm up to date! Sticks & Stone's is his lastest special and it's phenomenal. I recommend his other specials too, there's an OJ Simpson running bit in one of his other specials that I always laugh at. Make sure you watch until the VERY end as there is an extra 20 minutes once Sticks & Stones finishes. 

Joe Rogan: Strange Times

I have watched this at least five times, I know what the jokes are before he even finishes it and I still cry laughing. I'm a huge Joe Rogan fan and I can't recommend this enough. The Pro Wrestling bit is absolute GOLD. #VeganCat 

Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room 

I adore this woman and I want all her dogs, okay? This is her latest special and I feel like it isn't talked about enough online. Anybody for some day wine? #NotAllDophins 

Gabriel 'Fluffy' Iglesias One Size Fits All

This is probably the least offensive one in this post and he is one of the funniest people, ever. I always force people to watch this and they always die laughing. I binged all of his specials one weekend and I need to watch his TV show next. 

Jo Koy: Live From Seattle 

I've been a Jo Koy fan since the Chelsea Lately days and I didn't even realise until recently that he had a Netflix special! Don't sleep on this one, it's a good one. 

Who is your favourite comedian?



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