The Restored Complete Multivitamin

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Vitamins are a product that I have been really interested in for the last couple of months as I have been wanting to improve my health as much as I can. The Restored offer a range of supplements so you will be able to find the one that will work best for you. 
The Restored Complete Multivitamin
The Restored Complete Multivitamin
The Restored Complete Multivitamin
The Complete Multivitamin consists of 16 essentials vitamins that are needed for good health, in each bottle you receive 60 tablets which I think is fantastic for £29, if you purchase more than one bottle at a time, you do also get a small discount. These vitamins are 100% natural and bioactive as well as being vegan and plant-based. They are made in the UK, include gluten-free ingredients while also being GMO-free and GMP certified. It's extremely important for our health to receive the essential vitamins and minerals we need each day. With the way we are living now, it makes it difficult to get these from our food which is why taking a multivitamin can be highly beneficial. The benefits of taking these vitamins regularly are: 

- Energy: B6 and B12 contribute to normal energy levels
- Skin: Vitamin C to support collagen formation for normal functioning skin 
- Bones: Vitamins D & K contribute to maintaining normal bones
- Heart: Thiamin (B1) for normal heart functions
- Eyes: Vitamins A, B2, and Zinc help to maintain normal vision
- Brain: Vitamins B5 help mental performance
- Blood: Vitamins B6, B9 & B12 help contribute towards the normal function of the immune system
- Immune System: Copper & Iron contribute towards the normal function of the immune system

I love that The Restored have this information available and break down how their products will work for you, with many vitamins brands you don't often know as they aren't clearly listed. The Restored believe in four foundations of health. To make big improvements to your overall health, you will need a good baseline in all four of these foundations, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. They are all deeply interlinked, meaning if one of these foundations is weak, it will affect the other foundations. You can take a two-minute evaluation to see what you need to improve in your foundations. 

I have been taking the Complete Multivitamin for a couple of weeks now and I haven't had any side effects which I am really happy about as sometimes I can be slightly sensitive. I was recommended to take these in the morning and I would definitely say that this is the best time of day to take them. It's nice to know that you are getting a good start to the day with these. They are large tablets as you can see in the above photo so they did take me a couple of days to get used to but if you have any issues with the size, you can easily snap them in half and take them in two if that would be easier for you. One thing I have noticed since I started taking them daily is that my energy levels have improved. I recently started new hours at work with 4am starts five days a week and I haven't been nearly as lackluster as I had been expecting to. 



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