What to Include In Your Beauty Reviews | Blogging 101

Whenever I look for resources on how to improve the content of my blogs, I don't often find what I'm looking for without having to pay. I thought I would share what I try to always include in my beauty reviews, whether it's makeup or skincare so if you are new to blogging, it will give you a bit of headstart! 
What to Include In Your Beauty Reviews | Blogging 101
The first things I always include in my product reviews are first impressions, the packaging. I am a sucker for good packaging and I know others are too so I always like to discuss how it feels, is it luxe, cheaply made? Will it get dirty or broken easily if kept in a makeup bag? Is it bulky or sleek? I will sometimes notice that the packaging has been created to seem like you are getting more product for your money which is often annoying with higher-end products. 

I always include the price point of the product along with the stockist information. If it's currently on offer, I try to include that as well but I say that it is only on offer as of writing the post in case someone comes across your review months from now. I can't stress enough how important it is to include whether a product is cruelty-free or not. I will only personally purchase products that are cruelty-free but you will see products that aren't on my site. I have recently started including this at the end of my posts in bold so it's as clear as possible. 

Before I usually write up my thoughts and experience with the product, I will include a paragprah or two on what the brand says that the product will do. I'll include the key ingredients, if skincare, and what it claims to do for the skin. Including the key ingredients is important as everyone knows what works and doesn't for their skin so it will let the reader know if they need to stay away from it. 

When it comes to sharing your thoughts, always let the reader know how long you tested the product for if you can and what your skin type or hair type is, depending on the product. I will trial most products for at least a few weeks and share a review when I know my thoughts are clear on what I'm testing. Skincare I will test for much longer. How does it make your skin feel? Is it long-lasting? Are there long-term benefits? Does it have scent? What's the texture of the product like?

 When reviewing eyeshadows for example, do you get kick back in the pan when you dip your brush into the pan? Do you get a lot of fall out? How does it wear with and without a primer? With foundations, what tool did you use to apply it? Did you use setting spray or powders to pro-long the wear? I will usually test out foundations with multiple products to see how it works with other things. 

I always struggle with perfume reviewing so I always focus on the scent notes, the packaging and how it wears. Does the scent change once you apply it to the skin? Can you pick out any of the individual scent notes? What's the scent family? Is it overpowering? 

If you have a tried a product that's similar I will often include this (if you liked this, you will like this!). If it's a negative review, I will often try and balance it out with some positives or have someone else test it out for me to see how it worked for them as everyone will have a different experience. 

If you are sent a product to review, the post is sponsored or you have included affiliate links, you will need to make sure this is extremely clear. I include my disclosure at the very top of my posts now. 



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