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imPRESS Nails for Autumn 2019

- Post contains gifted items  - 

These are my favourite kind of nail and I was so happy to get three new colours and designs to wear this autumn! I have already started wearing one of the sets and I adore them. I did a post on my instastories when I had just applied them and I had a few DMs saying how lovely they are and I have to agree. 
imPRESS Nails for Autumn 2019
imPRESS Nails for Autumn 2019
imPRESS Nails for Autumn 2019
The Kiss imPRESS nails are the easiest and quickest way to have your nails looking like you spent hours in the salon! They are comfortable on the natural nail and I never have any issues with them damaging my nails which is amazing for me as my nails aren't in the best condition anyway. All you have to do to apply these nails is buff over your nails with the nail file included making sure that they can get a good grip onto your nails and wipe them over with the wipe that is also included. Then you just have to select your perfect fit, peel off the back and press on!

These nails are on the shorter side and I love this about them as I can't seem to ever use my hands right if I have super long nails. They have a little bit of flex to them so they feel much more natural than many other false nails I have worn over the years. They also look really natural and I had a few comments at work asking how I did the detailing on the ring finger as they thought they were my own nails!

I have three sets to wear this autumn and I have already been wearing the Night Fever nails that are naturally nude with two different accent nails, glitter and a lace design nail. I love that this set includes the two accent nail options as it gives you more choice and I wore them both, see photo above, and I love how they look! The Shimmer nails are a slightly pinker nude nail with an accent nail with a holo broken glass effect, I cannot wait to wear these! The Bells & Whistles nails are perfect for Christmas with a deep green theme and gold glitter accent nails.

The Kiss imPRESS nails retail for £7.99 at Superdrug - HERE



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