My Favorurite BookTubers

Apart from podcasts, Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles, all I really watch on YouTube is book-related videos. A lot of my favourite booktube channels have under 30,000 subscribers so I thought I would share some of my favourites today! If you have similar tastes in books to me, I can't recommend these channels enough.
My Favorurite BookTubers

While I don't have similar reading tastes to Lala, she makes me want to read outside of my comfort zone. Lala's channel is incredible, I love watching her vlogs I also love how original and unique her videos are. Lala really inspires me to get more creative and read all the books. 

Chelsea is such a precious gem! I never miss one of her videos, her reading the rainbow series is one of my favourites on her channel. I really trust Chelsea's book recommendations and she got me obsessed with Red, White and Royal Blue and The Hating Game. 

I adore Chandler's videos, she is quickly becoming my favourite to watch on YouTube! I love all of the series' she does on her channel, her taste test video she did recently on Lala was one of my favourite videos I have watched in a while. She is so good at reviewing books, it's unreal. 

I adore Emily's channel and she doesn't have anywhere near as many subscribers as she should have! I always trust her book recommendations and we have done a couple of buddy reads together. Emily's debut novel is out next month called Mine and I've already preordered my copy! 

Riley seems like one of the nicest people ever and I love her book recommendations, especially her romances ones! I always look forward to seeing her vlogs in my subscription box as I find them so relaxing to watch.



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