The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #10

It's officially cosy season! It's time to get all the blankets, a mug of chocolate and watch endless Netflix. This week I have four new originals that you need to add to your watch list, I have a super cute movie, two comedy specials and a new docuseries. 
The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #10
Falling Inn Love

If you know anything about me, you will know how much I love Hallmark Channel movies. If you like them too, you will love this film as it's so cute and cheesy! I love the New Zealand setting and now I want to get a pet goat and flip an Inn. 

Dave Chapelle: Sticks and Stones

I love Dave Chapelle, while he says some outrageous stuff he is one of the best comedians there is. This new special is so good that I've already watched it twice. While this special is all about the jokes, he does have some good messages in it. But I know of a few people have been offended by this special so if you are easily offended, maybe give this a miss. 

Mo Gilligan: Momentum

This special had me rolling around laughing. I had never watched any of Mo's sets or bits online and I can't recommend checking him out enough. He is absolutely hilarious and all of his jokes are so relatable. I think if you're British, you're going to love this one. 

Living Undocumented 

When I watched the trailer for this new series, I cried so I have been taking my time watching the episodes. This is something that's really important to watch especially with what's happening at the moment and I highly recommend it. 

What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?



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