What to Watch on Prime Video #1

I have always been a diehard Netflix fan but in the last couple of months, I can't get enough of Prime Video. I love sharing my Netflix recommendations as I am always up for a binge-watch so I thought I would also share what I have been wanting with my Prime subscription. 
For years I have been going on and on about how all I want is The OC, One Tree Hill and Hart of Dixie on UK streaming services at Prime Video has finally answered two of my prayers! They recently got The OC and One Tree Hill which are two of my favourite TV shows from my teenage years. I didn't realise until recently how much of an impact One Tree Hill had on me and I am excited to give it a rewatch. 

Speaking of TV shows from my teenage years, Revenge is now streaming and I was obsessed with that show. I loved the drama and the casting was brilliant. I have been loving Bravo TV shows lately, I adore the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and more recently I have been addicted to watching Below Deck. I have a Hayu subscription through Prime (it's slightly cheaper this way if you're interested in getting Hayu!) and while I do prefer Below Deck Med, the original show's first three seasons are available on Prime. If you love reality TV, you will love this show! 

The one thing Prime Video lacks where Netflix makes up for is the originals. Netflix is killing it with originals and I haven't found any Prime originals that I have been interested in other than a few documentaries. The Chasing Happiness documentary on the Jonas Brothers was one of my favourites documentaries I watched this year. I am so happy that they are back together and I can't wait to see them live next February! 

What are you watching on Prime Video lately?



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