Candles to Make Your Home Smell like the North Pole

I love candles. I am always burning them or using my wax melt warmer and Christmas scents are all-time favourite scents. I thought I would share my absolute favourite scents and if you want to have your home smelling like a peppermint stick, Christmas tree forest or Santa's workshop - I have a scent for you. 
Candles to Make Your Home Smell like the North Pole
Christmas tree scents are always burning in my house as we have artificial Christmas trees. We still adore that Christmas tree scent and I have three to recommend. My all-time favourite is Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works. This is the most authentic Christmas tree scent and I love the freshness to it. I can't tell you how many candles and wax melts I have gone through of this scent over the years. I have a post on all of the UK stockists for Bath and Body Works - here. From Yankee Candle, The Perfect Tree is made up of balsam and fir notes whereas Evergreen Mist is more of an outdoorsy Christmas tree scent. This one is brand new for Christmas 2019. 

If you asked me what I thought the North Pole and Santa's workshop smelt like, it would be a combination of North Pole, Christmas Eve and Christmas Cookies from Yankee Candle. North Pole isn't actually available in the UK but I always get my melts from eBay. This is a vanilla and peppermint blend that is delicious. Christmas Eve is a staple in my house throughout December. It is a combination of warm hearth, sugared plums and candied fruits. Christmas Cookies is sweet and good enough to eat! It leaves your home smelling like fresh baking all day long. 

Candy canes are one of my favourite sweet treats and I love the peppermint scent as much as the flavour! Peppermint Bark is another scent that isn't available in the UK but you can get it on eBay. This is a minty chocolatey scent that I am so excited to burn this week. Candy Cane Frost is from the Home Inspirations line with Yankee Candle that is available in ASDA. This is straight-up peppermint with a hint of sweetness and I adore it. 

What are your favourite Christmas scents?



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