How to Get Bath & Body Works in the UK - 2019

Whenever Autumn rolls around it makes me want to burn all the candles and buy all the festive products from Bath and Body Works. While we still don't have the company available in the UK, there is a tonne of ways to get your hands on the products so I thought I would do an update of the original post I did a few years ago. 
How to Get Bath & Body Works in the UK - 2019
Facebooks groups are where I typically buy all of my Bath and Body Works products. The two groups I use are Bath and Body Works Selling Page UK as well as Bath & Body Works, Yankee and USA Goodies Fans (UK). The group I recommended in my original post is still active as well which is Bath and Body Works Fans UK. Facebooks offer the best prices for products with candles usually being at least £5/6 cheaper than many websites in the UK. 3 wick candles are usually around £17 and I always buy my candles via these groups. I have had nothing but good experiences from these groups and if you would like specific seller recommendations for these groups, feel free to DM me. 

There are two websites that I'm aware of that stock a good selection of Bath and Body Works products. Bath and Body Shop offer a tonne of the brand's products and the prices aren't too bad. I always shop around before I buy any products as some websites or groups will have prices better than the others. This site doesn't just have candles, it also has the wax melts and a lot of the body care products. I adore the shower gels! Another website that stocks the brand is Notino. I have personally never shopped with them but I know of a few people online that have had good experiences with the site. But I will say, there prices for candles are ridiculously high with prices between £24 and £28 per candle, you can get them cheaper on eBay with free delivery! 

Speaking of eBay, it is still one of my go-to places whenever I want a few new bits of Bath and Body Works. I mainly use the site to buy hand gels and hand creams as they are so much cheaper on eBay. I never pay more than £2.50 for hand gels and around £6 for hand creams. They will usually have free delivery on them as well! I can't wait to buy all of the new Christmas hand gels on payday! 

Do you like Bath and Body Works? What's your favourite scent?



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