Gift Ideas For Book Lovers & Readers | Christmas Gift Guide

So far this year, I have read over 200 books which I know is a little nuts but I can't seem to stop! If you have a reader in your life and aren't quite sure what to get them for Christmas then you have come to the right place! I thought I would share some of my favourite bookish goodies as well as a couple of amazing gift ideas.
Gift Ideas For Book Lovers & Readers
Gift Ideas For Book Lovers & Readers
Whenever I read, I love to burn a candle so I think they would make a great gift to start off with! On Etsy, there are a few shops to create book inspired candles that would be extra special if you can find their favourite book candle on there. The same goes with Funko Pops, I love them and they do a few bookish ones, like Harry Potter etc that would make me so happy to unwrap on Christmas day! Another thing I love are pins and you can find some amazing deals online. All of mine are about 50p from AliExpress but you can get them for much better quality from Punky Pins. One of my favourite pins says 'Go away I'm busy' on the front of a book which is so me.

A kindle would be a great gift for any reader in your life. I got a new one for my Birthday this year (review here) and I am still so obsessed with it! They do make a new version of the one I have already that is backlit so you never have an issue trying to read in the dark again. They do some great accessories and cases on Amazon for the eReaders if you want to buy something for someone who already has a kindle. You could even get them a gift card to buy a few books on their Kindle or to get a subscription of Kindle Unlimited!

I love getting books for Christmas, I have a few on my list and one I am really excited by is Me by Elton John. I am a huge Elton fan and I cannot wait to read this! Ask your friends and family is there are any books on their wishlists. Or, if you wanted to surprise them with their gift and you know what kind of genre of book they like, you could gift them a few months of a book subscription box! I can't recommend Wildest Dreams Box enough! You get a book every month as well as bookish products. They do offer a 3-month subscription for £50 so it would be the gift that keeps on giving!

One of my favourite items I have got this year for reading is this LED Desk Lamp. It has three settings and is perfect for reading. You can charge it and it will provide a couple of hours of light depending on what setting you use so you can use it where ever you like! Waterstones have some great accessories in store too like book anchors which I really want to get my hands on soon.

What bookish products are on your Christmas list?



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