Recent Reads #8: New Favourites & New Releases

I have been reading a tonne of books again lately and I can't stop! I have read some new favourites and some meh reads and I am excited to share a few of them today. If you have any book recommendations for me or anything you would like to see a review of, let me know in the comments!
Recent Reads #8: New Favourites & New Releases
The Simple Wild - K.A Tucker

Do you ever read a book and you can't stop thinking about the characters days after you finish it? That's what happened with this book! I adored it and it's Alaska setting and I already want to reread it. I highly recommend this and I'm not giving anything away other than I sobbed towards the end and I never cry while reading. 

Let It Snow - John Green 

I had been wanting to read this ever since I found out Netflix was adapting it and while I didn't love the book, I do think it will be a great movie! This book came out years ago and some parts haven't aged so well, there was a word used in this book that still bothers me and I read it over a week ago. The book I made up of three short stories and I can't wait to see them on screen tomorrow. 

The Bromance Book Club - Lyssa Kay Adams 

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2019 and it did not disappoint! I have posted a full spoiler-free review if you want to read that, click here. This book follows a couple who are about to divorce. But the husband's friends know how he can save his marriage and invite him to their book club where they read romance books. It's fantastic. 

My Best Friend's Sister - Hazel Kelly

I downloaded this on a whim through Kindle Unlimited and I really enjoyed it! It was a quick fun read and I can't wait to read a few more books from this author. This features one of my favourite tropes, a roommate romance! I really liked the characters in this. 



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