The Blogging Community & Changes I'd Like to See in 2020

This post is going to be a little bit of a ramble and a whole lot of word vomit so please bear with me. I posted a tweet last week with what I would like to see happen with blogging in 2020 and it got much more attention than I thought it would. So I wanted to share more of what I'm currently thinking in more than just a few tweets.

I'm going to be honest, this year hasn't been great in terms of stats for me and my blog and social media accounts. My page views have been down for a while now, my main Instagram account has lost almost 200 followers which is a lot for me and my Twitter account has hardly grown even though I never shut up. It has just recently started to pick up again and while I know it isn't all about numbers, it is dishearting to work so hard and put so many hours into something to not have your posts read or interacted with. But I am also part of this problem.

2019 has been the year of social media scrolling and I have noticed that I don't actually interact that much at all anymore but I am trying to change that. I am constantly scrolling through social media, reading the headlines but rarely clicking on articles and blog posts. It can't always be blamed on algorithms for why posts aren't getting as many likes and clicks, people just are just not spending the time long enough on the content. Twitter has always been my favourite social media platform but this year I have really noticed how negative it is. It's no secret that bloggers and influencers are buying followers and using bots but subtweeting them isn't going to stop them. My timeline used to be full of bloggers interacting with each other, helping each other out and just being overall lovely people but it isn't like that so much anymore. I am actively trying to follow new and different bloggers to see if it's just a case of those people who I follow that are being negative. I can only speak for those who I follow and mainly the beauty side of blogging but it has gotten unnecessarily competitive from my perspective.

In 2020 I would love to see bloggers being more supportive of other bloggers again. Can we bring back blogger chats and shouting each other out on Instagram? Remember when we all did follow Fridays? I would love to see more people interacting, commenting on blog posts and promoting others - there is room for us all. I have already started trying to get a head start of this, I made a new account on Bloglovin so I can see everybody's new posts without them getting lost on my Twitter timeline. I do think blogging will make a comeback next year and I will be sticking around regardless. 

While this post is basically an essay of me moaning, I do see those lovely people who are always commenting on my posts and liking my photos and I appreciate you. I have made an incredible friend through blogging in Lily at Pint Sized Beauty and so many friends through Twitter so it's not all bad.

What are your thoughts on the blogging community at the moment? I would love to hear them.



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