Gift Ideas for Taylor Swift Fans | Christmas Gift Guide

I never thought I would refer to myself as a stan but here I am. I am a swiftie. I love Taylor Swift and the woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I have made a few friends on Twitter who feel the same way and I thought I would share some amazing gift ideas for any swifties you might know! 
Gift Ideas for Taylor Swift Fans | Christmas Gift Guide
My number one pick is the backlist albums on CD if any swiftie doesn't already own them, I actually don't. But I really want to buy them so I can listen to her music without putting money in Scooter and Scott's pocket. You can get them from eBay for a few quid each and then you can listen to You Belong With Me and 1989 without making those twatheads any money. Lover is available on vinyl now too so obviously I need a record player now. 

Taylor has some incredible merch that I have been eyeing for months! She often releases products for just a few hours, the Lover Snowglobes sold out so quickly that I missed them! There's so much on her site from water bottles and hoodies to paper rings. Etsy has some great Taylor Swift items from small businesses and one of my favourites is Gemma Rose Collection. She makes custom Taylor pins and they are incredible! She has four different ones available for around £5 each, including one of Meredith! 

Like Etsy, Redbubble is one of my favourite websites. I always buy stickers from the site for my laptop but they have a huge range of products available from small designers. All you have to do is search for Taylor Swift on the site and it will come up with pages and pages of products. They have tote bags, t-shirts, travel mugs, bedding and more! 

When Taylor did her Lover Secret Sessions, everybody was talking about candles. Taylor has the Santal 26 Classic Candle and if you want your house to smell like Taylor's - there you go! She also had the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir hand soap which does smell incredible. 



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