New Hair Brushes From Lee Stafford

- This post contains gifted items - 

Lee Stafford is one of my favourite hair care brands and they recently just called a tonne of new hair brushes which I am so excited about as it was about time they had some! I have two of them to share today and I will definitely be purchasing a few more myself soon. 
Lee Stafford Hair Brushes
Lee Stafford Hair Brushes
All of the brushes in the range are a shade of pink which is so on-brand for Lee Stafford. Each brush is under £12.99 at Boots and I think this is a good price as they are great quality and will last a long time. These brushes have a matte soft-touch finish to them that feels incredible and makes them nice to hold! There are two different lines of brushes, Pink Pink Pink and CoCo LoCo and both of the brushes I have been using are from the Pink Pink Pink range.

The first of the two brushes I have is the Smooth & Polish Paddle Brush (£10.99). This one is said to be the ultimate everyday brush to gently detangle, combat frizz and create silky soft hair. I have been loving this one! I use it on my hair when it is wet and dry and it works brilliantly with both as well as being great to create a side part in my hair. It detangles the hair well without having to pull on the hair and is gentle on the head and scalp. 

The Blow Out Brush (£12.99) has been created for curvaceous body, polish and bounce in your hair. I hadn't actually used many brushes like this before as I tend to just dry my hair without any brushes but this brush is game-changing! My hair is always full of volume when I use this and I can't believe I had never really used one before. The bristles are gentle on the head which really surprised me. 

The Lee Stafford hair brushes are available in stores and online at Boots. 



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