NYE Nails with Elegant Touch

- This post contains gifted items -

It's finally Christmas week! I can't believe it's Christmas Day in just a few days, it has come around so quickly. And then it will new New Year's Eve and these nails will have you sparkling into 2020. I am already wearing a set of these and they are perfect for this time of year! 
Elegant Touch Glitter Nails
Elegant Touch Glitter Nails
These nails are from the Glitteratzi collection and they are all available exclusively at Superdrug. There are six different styles available in the collection and all of them are stunning! As always, in each box of Elegant Touch nails, you get 24 nails in 10 different sizes to be able to find your perfect fit as well as a tube of nail glue. I say this in every post I do on Elegant Touch but the glue is incredible. The three styles I have been wearing are: 

- Total Sass: bright blue nails with a sprinkling of glitter
- Glitter Bae: nude/pink nails with cascading glitter
- Glow'd Up: chrome pink nails with gold foiling. 

The Glitter Bae nails are perfect for those who like natural nails but want a little something extra during the festive week whereas Total Sass and Glow'd Up are little bolder. Elegant Touch nails are some of the most comfortable ones I have ever worn which is why they are one of my go-to brands as I usually hate the way false nails feel and can never keep them on for long. 

I love how glitzy these nails are and they are so eye-catching! They have been brightening up my usual grey and black outfits and I can't get enough. If I had to pick a favourite, I think I would have to go with the Total Sass Nails as they are my favourite colour. Total Sass and Glow'd Up are a stiletto shape and Glitter Bae are coffin-shaped and I really like that this collection has a mixture of styles and shapes. If you find a style that you like but you don't like the shape, you can always file them to how you would like them! 



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