The Best Christmas Playlist & Album Favourites

Christmas is truly the best time of year. I always start getting festive in September as I love the run up to Christmas rather than Christmas day itself. And the main way I get festive is with music and I have been working on what is possibly the best playlist I have ever created and I had to share it. 
Christmas 2019
My It's Christmas Time! playlist has almost 100 songs on it and it has been on repeat in my house for weeks. I wanted a playlist with a mixture of the classics and new festive songs so I made it myself! You won't find any S Club 7, Spice Girls or East 17 in my playlist because they are NOT Christmas songs. But songs from the John Lewis adverts are so I have included a few of my favourite ones as well. 

I have added some of the new songs that came out this year that I can't stop playing like from the Noelle movie soundtrack, the new Jonas Brother's one and more. If you haven't watched Noelle yet on a side note, you must. It's incredible! Some of my favourite Christmas songs are from Hallmark movies and by Dolly Parton so I had to include them as well. 

My favourite Christmas album at the moment is Christmas in the City by Lea Michele. I can't get over how fantastic this album is and her voice is incredible. Her cover Do You Want To Build a Snowman? is beautiful. But my favourite song from the album is one of her originals and it's Christmas in New York. I can't stop listening to it! My other favourite Christmas albums from recent years are from Sia and Gwen Stefani. They are so much fun! 

What are your favourite Christmas songs and albums?



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