Kindle Unlimited Book Recommendations #1: Rom-Coms

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I mainly read romance and Kindle Unlimited is one of the best subscriptions if you read romance as it has thousands of titles. I thought I would start a new series today sharing my favourite Kindle Unlimited reads, you can get 30 days completely for free via this link if you want to try it out! 
Kindle Unlimited

I adore Meghan Quinn's books, most of them have been 5-star reads and I always find myself rereading her books. The Lineup is one of her sports rom-coms and it's my favourite out of the three that are currently released. Jason is one of my favourite book boyfriends, he is absolutely hilarious and swoon-worthy!

Teagan's books were some of the first ones I read on Kindle Unlimited and I loved them so much I bought copies so I could read them while I wasn't subscribed. This book follows Monty and Robbie who meet in a bar and couldn't be any more different. I've read this book three times now and I still laugh out loud every single time. I love all of Teagan's books and I can't wait for her next release. 

R.S Grey is my favourite author of all time, I make everybody read her books and nobody has been disappointed yet! His Royal Highness is Rachel's newest release, her next book is out in two weeks and I cannot wait. This book is mainly set in a theme park, think Disneyland and I was swooning so hard. 

This is a new adult, friends to lovers romance and it made me fall in love with Kate Stewart's writing. I don't usually like friends to lovers but this one is perfection! I loved it so much and everybody needs to read it. This is a three-book series with each book following a different couple, book two is out and the final book is out at the end of next month. 

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