Virgin River - Netflix Original & Book Series

Watching Netflix and reading are two of my favourite things so I love when books are adapted by Netflix! Virgin River is a fairly new show on Netflix that came out in December and I loved it so much I had to talk about it.
Virgin River
The best way that I can describe Virgin River is that its kind of like Hart of Dixie (which is one of my favourite TV shows ever) and something you would see on the Hallmark Channel but edgier. You'd never see this on the Hallmark Channel honestly and I think that's why I love it as even though it isn't all that realistic, it makes it so much more interesting to watch. 

The Netflix adaptation is a TV series with the first season out for you to binge, I watched it within 48 hours and I will be rewatching it again soon. It stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson who are fantastic in this. I fell in love with Alexandra and have been watching everything she is in since! Tim Matheson is is the doctor in the show who was the doctor in Hart of Dixie so I am a huge fan of that. 

The show follows Mel who moves to Virgin River for a fresh start and takes a job as a nurse practitioner. She has had a very traumatic couple of years and then meets Jack. The show has been renewed for season two with it set to be released in 2020, I don't think the wait will be that long as they wrapped filming in December and I can't wait! 

The book series by Robyn Carr is huge! It consists of around 14 books which is crazy and I cannot wait to dive into it soon. I already have the first book ready on my Kindle and I think it follows Mel and Jack and each book is set in Virgin River but with different characters from the town. 

Have you watched Virgin River?



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