Eco Denta Black Whitening Mouth Foam Review

I love teeth whitening products but I have quite sensitive teeth so I have to be careful with what I use. This product came in a beauty box I got a little while ago and I have been putting it to the test since! 
Eco Denta Black Whitening Mouth Foam Review
The Eco Denta Black Whitening Mouth Foam retails for £6.49 and is available from Holland & Barrett. It's a black mouth foam, it's a foam textured mouthwash that will freshen your breath and mouth while also helping to whiten your teeth! This brand has toothpaste and other products available that I will definitely be checking out now.

This product will provide instant freshness thanks to oak charcoal, salts and mint essential oils and will also give you long-lasting freshness and defence against plaque. I have to say, I love the taste and freshness this provides, it's more like peppermint than spearmint and it doesn't sting the mouth like some mouthwash products tend to do. It instantly leaves you feeling fresh and it lasts for hours which I love. 

I have been really loving this and I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. I really like the texture of the foam, it makes using it a better experience and it's different from anything I have used before, it's definitely more effective than a mouthwash. It's really handy to have on hand or if you have a larger handbag to carry it with you to freshen up throughout the day. I have been using this throughout the day and after meals and it works brilliantly! 

This product is vegan.



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