5 Reasons Why You Need Nails Inc Polishes

I have been wearing Nails Inc polishes for years now but I don't often talk about them. Today I am giving you five reasons why Nails Inc are the best nail polish brand and why you need them in your collection.
5 Reasons Why You Need Nails Inc Polishes
5 Reasons Why You Need Nails Inc Polishes
1. They are cruelty-free

This is really important to me as I try to be a cruelty-free with my beauty products as possible. They aren't as many cruelty-free nail polishes brands as I would like and I love that Nails Inc are. Everybody should consider going cruelty-free and save the fluffy bunnies from abuse. 

2. Long-wearing formulas

When I paint my nails, I always want it to last as long as possible like everybody does but my nails aren't in great condition and are quite flexible which tends to make polish chip even quicker. But Nails Inc polishes last on my nails for around a week without base or topcoat! 

3. Easy to remove

Many nail polishes will stain my nails as I don't like to use a base coat (or a topcoat) but Nails Inc never stain my nails and they are so easy to remove. Even the glitter polishes I have are some of the easiest ones to remove and don't take a lot of effort to get rid of that sparkle. 

4. Kind on nails

While I find all of the Nails Inc polishes to be gentle on the nails but they have a specific line called Nailpure. This formula is alcohol-free and is enriched with their patented Regenerating Complex that boosts the production of keratin for harder, stronger and healthier nails. Nailpure is '10 free' meaning it doesn't contain Phthalates. This line is also Vegan. 

5. Working towards being fully vegan by 2021

Speaking of Vegan, how amazing is this?! So by next year, they will be completely vegan and cruelty-free which makes me so happy! I try to make vegan choices as much as I can so I will definitely be using up the polishes I have now and then investing in new shades once this is in process. 



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