Sea Magik 3-Seaweed Scalp Mud Review

I'm always looking for new and exciting hair products to put to the test so when this arrived in a beauty box I couldn't wait to see how it would work for me. I hadn't heard of this product before I got my hands on it but I love that it's free from junk and is available at Holland & Barrett. 
Sea Magik 3-Seaweed Scalp Mud Review
The Sea Magik 3-Seaweed Scalp Mud retails for £11.95 and is a daily conditioning treatment that you use in place of your conditioner after shampooing. It's a 97% natural mineral hair treatment that works to soothe the scalp as well as hydrate the hair. It's suitable for dry and sensitive scalps and can be used daily. 

This product is a lightweight mineral-rich hair treatment that is packed with essential oils of citrus and three organic seaweeds. I have been using this every few days for the last couple of weeks and I have been really liking it. It's said to be comforting for an itchy scalp which I have to agree with and I love how naturally hydrating it is. This is to be used on the scalp and hair and left for 105 minutes before rinsing. 

This is the perfect daily hydration product for my hair. It leaves it feeling soft but not weighed down, especially at the scalp. What I love about this product is that it's vegan and cruelty-free as well as being free from silicones. 



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