RapidLash Packaging Update & Why You Need These Products

- This post contains gifted items -

I am a huge RapidLash fan, I am always raving about the products as they truly work. They have recently undergone a fantastic packaging update so I thought it was time to rave about them again! 
RapidLash has a few products including RapidBrow, RapidSheild and of course, RapidLash. These products are going to help strengthen, condition and grow your lashes and brows. RapidSheild is a daily lash conditioner and if you use it in your morning routine it has a bonus use of making your mascara last even longer. I have been using these products for over a year now and I'm constantly recommending them. 

RapidLash is a holy grail product of mine, I swear by it. I love super long lashes but I don't like to wear false lashes often and RapidLash is the answer to my problem. It works within two weeks and my lashes so much longer and stronger. I have been using it on and off for a year now to keep them up and I would buy this product until the end of time. You can read my review with before and after photos - HERE. I will say that even with the before and after photos being impressive in that post, my lashes are definitely longer than that now! 

RapidBrow is another product that works and I am obsessed with the packaging update on this product specifically. They have changed the applicator and it is incredible. It's smaller so it fits the brows better and makes applying it even quicker and easier. You can read my review of this product - HERE. I'm excited to use this again as I may have accidentally over plucked my brows recently. 

All of the products have had a facelift from the outer packaging to the tubes themselves. They now have some embossing on the tubes that makes them feel much more luxe. So now if definitely time to buy them if you had been considering it. 

RapidLash is a cruelty-free brand.



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