5 Things to Get Done While on Lockdown (with giffgaff)

- This post contains gifted items -

We are currently in some very stressful and it is essential that we all stay inside to ease the NHS. This was originally going to be a night in post but seeing as we are all home right now, I switched things up and I hope it is helpful!
5 Things to Get Done While on Lockdown
5 Things to Get Done While on Lockdown
Giffgaff sent me over a box full of tech goodies and everything I need for a night in and it couldn't have arrived at a better time! The box included a Marks and Spencer gift card which I really appreciated as well as a bunch of techy items. All of the products included are made from recycled or sustainable suppliers and giffgaff is a huge refurbished phone option. You can buy refurbished phones with giffgaff and you can save up to £100! Two of my favourite items that were sent over from them was the Bob Marley No Bounds Portable Bluetooth Audio System, it sounds incredible while in use and its water and dust proof! The other favourite is also from the same brand its the Smile Jamaica Headphones. They have a tangle-free wire and I have been using them a tonne with my Nintendo Switch! 

Like everyone in the UK, you should be staying at home unless you are going out for supplies, daily exercise or for work. Here are five things to do while you are at home during this lockdown. 

1. Clean our your makeup and wardrobe

I am an extremely organised person but during the week while I am getting ready for work, everything turns into a state! Now is the time to Marie Kondo your life and have your wardrobe organised by colour. And while you are sorting out your makeup, clean those brushes! 

2. Binge a tv show

We all have time to watch something new at the moment. Disney+ just lauched so I have been watching a tonne on that streaming service. I started watching Suits right before the lockdown began and I know I will be finished with all nine seasons in no time. 

3. Read all those books on your shelves 

I am forever buying books and my to be read pile is out of control! But now is a great time to get to all of those books that have been sitting on your shelves for at least a few months. I will be getting to Elton John's biography and Ali Wong's book which I have had since Christmas. 

4. Start those projects you have been putting off

Whether its some DIY or starting a blog, you have plenty of time to focus on that project right now. I have been planning on prepping a little section of my garden and now I have no excuse to put it off. 

5. Clean your house

I am one of those people that can't focus if my surroundings aren't clean and in order. 



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