Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows in Pink Champagne

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For my birthday last month, I went on a beauty buying spree, you can see my haul here, and I bought a few things from Huda Beauty. I had heard quite mixed things about this product but as I love liquid shadows, I knew I had to give it a try regardless. 
Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows in Pink Champagne
Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows in Pink Champagne
Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows in Pink Champagne
Swatched: Pink Champagne

Liquid eyeshadows are one of my favourite products at the moment as I love the intensity and how quick and easy they usually are to apply. The Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows are a double-ended product with one shimmer/metallic shade and one matte shade. I hadn't tried matte liquid shadows before so that was what intrigued me! There are quite a few colour options available and Pink Champagne is one of the lighter, warmer toned options and I have been obsessed with it. 

I have tried a lot of liquid eyeshadows and this product is one of my favourites! It has been one of my go-to products since I got my hands on it and I will definitely be getting more shades in the next couple of months. This dual-ended eyeshadow has an insanely long-wearing formula with fantastic pigmentation. I have been so impressed with the pigmentation as you only need to tiniest amount of product for top results. 

They recommend that you apply the matte shade first and allow it to try before going in with the metallic end and I have to say, I have played around with applying it before and after the metallic shade and it definitely blends and works better when you apply it first. With the matte shade, you don't have to worry too much with how much you apply but with the metallic end, you want to go in with the tiniest amount or it will flake off. I like to apply the matte shade, allow it to dry, then go in with the metallic shade lightly and blend it then dab a tiny amount on the lid to enhance the glitter. 

Speaking of the glitter, when you first apply the metallic end, you can't tell just how sparkly this is! I love the glitter but it does fall onto the cheeks and the under eye area, I personally don't mind this but it is something to consider. Both ends work brilliantly together and do not budge until you remove them. I have been loving wearing each shade individually on the eyes too. Especially the matte shade, it looks great on the lids and blended into the crease! Both formulas dry down quickly but you do have time to apply and blend them before they set. As long as you only apply a tiny amount of product, you will be good to go! 

Huda Beauty is a cruelty-free brand. 



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