My Favourite TikTok Creators

I am obsessed with TikTok and this is an app that everybody needs to download if you haven't already. With Instagram being so fake, it's nice to have an app that constantly makes me laugh and to see people being so popular just for being themselves. I thought I would share some of my favourite creators to follow, you might have already seen these guys on the for you page already! 
My Favourite TikTok Creators
I only follow about 90 accounts on TikTok as I mainly use the for you page and the algorithm on this app is great. But I make sure to follow my favourites so I never miss a video! I got the app at the time that the bearded men of TikTok were having a beard off and someone had to shave it off and these three men are hilarious. Beerbongjohn ironsanctuary and freshprinceofnohair are must follows. I post their videos on my instastories a lot as they kill me. 

I love lewwni, she is hilarious and I love how much she uploads to the app! Someone I found through the app who I think has a YouTube channel and imbrandonfarris, this guy is so funny! One of my favourite recent finds on TikTok is malleeboy3490, he is a farmer and the Patrick content is my favourite. Youthpastorryan does great storytimes about working at Disney and is really funny. Averagebasicwhiteboy, ollierose88 and gabchase are creators I can watch for ages and not be bored. 

For cute cat content, you must follow jonsbones, memycatandi and timmystoesbeans. And an honourable mention to the Jonas Brothers and Ashely Tisdale who are posting premium content. 

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