My All-Time Favourite TV Shows

I love to binge-watch TV shows but with almost every single TV show I watch on streaming series being cancelled or not airing anymore, I will be going back to watching some of my old favourites. So I thought I would share if you haven't seen these shows yet. 
My All-Time Favourite TV Shows
My two favourite TV shows are The Big Bang Theory and Friends. These two shows I can and have watched more times than I can count and they still make me laugh. Another hilarious show I can watch time and time again is New Girl, I feel like this wasn't hyped about enough. While I love all three of these shows, I have only seen the final episode of Friends so in my mind they never ended. Anybody else like this?

Hart of Dixie is my happy place. I adore that show, everything about it was perfect and I loved the sets, soundtrack as well as the cast. This is a small town, medical show with cute, funny and romantic vibes. It also has a Gilmore Girls vibe as it was shot on the same set. Long live the Hart. A show that is similar to this but darker and more dramatic is Virgin River. This is such a fantastic show and is the newest one out of everything in this post. Season one is ready to binge on Netflix with season two expected to drop in September. I talked about this show in more detail here

One Tree Hill is high up on the list. This show was my teenage years and I have so many memories from running home from school to watch the new episodes. Everything about this show is perfection and it had a huge impact on me. I recently found out who picked all of the music for the show and had a huge fangirl to her because that soundtrack is everything. 

What are your all-time favourite TV shows?



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