Feather & Down Must Haves | International Stress Awareness Month

- This post contains gifted items -

It's kind of ironic that it's international stress awareness month this month, isn't it? With everything going on right now, it's so important to stay home and keep a routine going. I adore Feather & Down products and if you are looking to treat yourself to some products at the moment I cannot recommend these enough. I have been using these every single day and they do make a huge difference. 
Feather & Down Must Haves
Feather & Down Must Haves
Feather & Down products are must-haves in my night time routine. I have been using a few of these products for years now and I can't be without them. The pillow sprays are must-haves and that introduced me to the brand. There are two available, the original Pillow Spray (available in a few different size options) and the Breathe Well Pillow Spray. I adore both of these but the Breathe Well one is my favourite. The original contains an infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils and the Breathe Well contains both of the previous essential oils as well as eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree to make it cooling and fresh. I use these every single night and they help me drift off to sleep much quicker. 

The Sweet Dreams Bath Oil to Milk is also available in both scents and I have been using the original scent. I love this product, it's so softening on the skin and makes a huge difference to help you unwind in the evening which we all need right now. The scent fills my bathroom which is so impressive! After I have used this, I like to use the Soothing Body Oil. This comes with a spray pump which I am obsessed with as it makes me so much easier and quicker to apply. It's a fact that massaging the skin with body oils can help to reduce stress and anxiety by decreasing muscle tension so you best believe I have been using this every single night recently! 

Feather & Down have quite a few gift sets available which are a great way to get yourself or a friend introduced to the brand and be sleeping better than ever! The Sweet Dreams Perfect Partners Set comes with a mini pillow spray as well as a relaxing roll on. The Relaxing Roll On is to be used on your pulse points, I have a few products similar to this but I do always reach for this one as it is so simple and quick to apply before you go to sleep. This has the gorgeously relaxing scent of Lavender and Camomile. 

Feather & Down is a cruelty-free brand. 




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