Funko Favourites

Do you have that one thing that you just can't stop buying? Mine used to be makeup and now it's Funko Pops. I have so many of them now that I have to rotate the ones I have out on display because I don't have enough room! I thought I would share what some of my favourite ones are today.
Funko Favourites
The first Funko Pop I ever purchased was of WWE Superstar Nikki Bella. The Bella Twins are why I got into watching wrestling and I'm not even being dramatic, they changed my life. So of course, I had to have Nikki! I have quite a few WWE Funko Pops but she is my favourite. The second favourite would have to be Ariel in the princess dress edition. Ariel is my favourite Disney princess and as soon as they restock this collection with all of the princesses in their dresses I will be buying them! 

The Big Bang Theory is my favourite TV show and so far I have Sheldon, Penny and Leonard. Penny and Leonard are my favourites as the pops are actually from my favourite episodes of the show and I can hear them if you know what I mean! I also have all three of the females from Friends and I can't wait to get my hands on Joey soon. I only have one full set of Funko pops and that's of the royal family. Although now I need a Meghan pop so she can hang out with Harry away from the family, lol. 

Two of the newest pops I added to my collection are Peter K and LJ from To All the Boy's I've Loved Before. This series is one of my favourites, both of the books and the movies, so I had to have these ones! I love the attention to detail. And my final favourite is Olaf because who doesn't love Olaf?

You can see all of my Funkos in more detail on my book Instagram - @hannahheartssbooks



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