Look Good Feel Better The Luxury Brush Set

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I love trying out new makeup brushes and this copany has been on my radar for a while now. Look Good Feel Better is an international support charity that helps boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people undergoing cancer treatment and they have a range of products that when purchased donates a percentage to Look Good Feel Better.
Look Good Feel Better The Luxury Brush Set
Look Good Feel Better The Luxury Brush Set
The Luxury Brush Set includes four makeup brushes that have so many uses. The set retails for £21.99 and 10-12% of the wholesale price goes to Look Good Feel Better. The brushes in this set are staples of mine, I have been using them almost daily for a couple of weeks now and I adore them. This set has been designed for makeup beginners and pros alike and all of these brushes have so many different uses that you are bound to find a favourite way to use them. The four brushes included in the set are:

- Powder and Bronzer Brush
- Rounded Foundation Brush
- Eye Shading Brush
- Lip and Concealer Brush

All of the brushes are lightweight and easy to hold and I really like the shape of the handles as they are tapered. I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and I haven't had any issues with them losing their shape or any of the fibers falling out. They are all quite soft too which is always a must-have when it comes to makeup brushes. My favourite brush from the set so far is the powder and bronzer brush, this is one of the best bronzer brushes I have ever used! It picks up the right amount of powder and applies and blends like a dream. It's smaller than most of the bronzer brushes I have used before and I think that's why I like it so much. 

The rounded foundation brush isn't something I would personally use for foundation but it is great for applying powders and blending concealer under the eyes. As it does have that rounded slightly pointed end, you can easily get under the lower lash line and in the inner corners with it! It's also great for applying face masks. The eye shading brush is great for applying shadows to the lids and the lip and concealer brush has so many uses! It's great for spot concealing and tidying up any makeup mistakes like winged liner and I have also been loving it for applying liquid shadows on the lids when I am doing a cut crease. 

You can get your own set - HERE


Look Good Feel Better The Luxury Brush Set


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