Most Used Face Makeup Brushes

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I have tonnes of makeup brushes but I have found myself using the exact same ones every time I do my makeup. I have been using most of these brushes for months now and they have become favourites! All of them are fairly affordable too so I thought I would share!
The Spectrum A01 Brush has been one of my go-to brushes to set my foundation with powder. It's a great size for the face and is super soft. This brush is what I always use when I want a light sweep of powder across the face. For when I want to pack on the powder, I use the Real Techniques MultiTech XXXL Pointed Brush. I have had this one for years and I found it again a few months ago and I have been loving it! I love this for more full-coverage powder looks. To apply powder under the eyes I adore the Zoeva 135 Petit Definer. I have been using this brush for three years now and it's perfect! It has a tapered point so you can easily apply powders under the lash line and in the inner corners with ease.

A new brush I have been using lately is the Look Good Feel Better Bronzer Brush. This is smaller than I am used to when it comes to applying bronzer but I have been loving it! It applies and blends my powder bronzers flawlessly. For applying blush, I have been loving the Kit Stars N3 Blush Brush. This brush is the perfect shape for my face shape and applies blush unlike any other blush brush I have used! For highlighter, I have been using the Real Techniques Setting Brush for a while now. This brush is on the smaller side and you can blend highlighters brilliantly with this one. It's also great for the nose and cupids bow. 

What are your favourite makeup brushes?




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