Recent Reads #13: New Releases & Pretty Covers

It's been a while since I did a recent reads post and honestly, it's because I haven't been reading much. With everything going on, I haven't been able to focus on reading so I have been watching more Netflix but I am hoping to be reading more soon. But these books were all great reads that I had to share them.
Recent Reads
Undercover Bromance - Lyssa Kay Adams 

I did post a full spoiler-free book review of this one which you can check out here. But I am really loving this series by Lyssa. It's the second book in the series and I loved it more than The Bromance Bookclub which I wasn't expecting! This series follows different couples with the men being in a romance book club and they use the books to help them with their problems. It's a genius idea!

Fumbled - Alexa Martin 

I am going to quickly fan girl for a second because Alexa followed me on Twitter the other week and I still can't believe it. Alexa has become one of my favourite authors in the last six months. I have read all three of her books and they are all sports romances which are some of my favourite type of books to read. This is the second book in the companion series, the first is Intercepted and the third is Blitzed. I gave every book five stars!! I cannot wait for the fourth book that is coming out later this year. 

The Risk - Elle Kennedy 

I was in the mood for a college romance and this is the last one from Elle Kennedy that I hadn't read. It wasn't my favourite if I'm honest but I still gave it four stars. This has a little bit of enemies to lovers and forbidden romance elements to it and towards the end of the book, I was obsessed with it. Elle often brings heavy topics to her books and they are always well done in my opinion. 

What have you been reading recently?



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