Top Five to Watch on Disney+

As soon as Disney+ finally launched in the UK, I signed up! I was so excited to have all the Disney Channel content back in my life that I didn't even realise there were originals on the streaming service too. Today I thought I would share five things to stream that I have loved so far!
Top Five to Watch on Disney+
I don't go to the cinema often so I actually haven't seen any of the movies apart from Frozen, in probably the last seven-ish years. So I have had the best time watching all of the movies I had missed out on. The first one I was excited to watch and was recommended a lot was Moana. I adored this and it has become a new favourite, I can see myself rewatching this a tonne! The soundtrack is excellent too and I can't stop listening to it. The animation was incredible in this, I can't get over it, especially the hair. 

I love documentaries and I have been working my way through quite a lot of them. The two favourites that I have watched so far are One Day at Disney and Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic. It's so interesting to learn about the behind the scenes world at the Disney parks and to see the work that goes on. The decorating documentary was one of the best things I have watched lately as you might know how much I love Christmas! I think I found my dream job, I could spend every single day of my life working on Christmas decorating. 

Disney Channel movies were what made my childhood and I had completely forgotten about Cow Belles. I am still a huge Aly & AJ fan so this was at the top of my watchlist! I thought this was hilarious and I can't recommend it enough. On a side note, I learnt recently that Potential Break Up Song was written about Joe Jonas and my life hasn't been the same since. 

My final pick is one I wasn't expecting to get hooked on and it's Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. This has a reality TV vibe to it and follows different couples planning their weddings at Disney. I put this on in the background one day while I was doing other things and ended up sitting down to watch a few episodes. It is so joyful! 

What have you been watching on Disney+? If you haven't signed up yet and aren't sure if it's worth the price, I would have to say that I recommend it! There is so much on the service already and there is so much that isn't on there yet too. You can get a free seven-day trial. 




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