Nuthing Shimmer Hair Removal Jellies Review

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Summer is approaching and while we still might be on lockdown for who knows how much longer, we can still be summer-ready for our gardens! This a new brand to me and Nuthing is from the same company behind Skinny Tan which I am a huge fan of!
Nuthing Shimmer Hair Removal Jellies Review
Nuthing Shimmer Hair Removal Jellies Review
The Nuthing Shimmer Hair Removal Jellies are available in three variations with each scent having a different colour. The three fruity fragrances available are Strawberry and Watermelon, Pineapple and Coconut as well as Blueberry and Passionfruit. My favourite would have to be the Passionfruit and Blueberry and I love the colour of it, it's a pretty blue shimmer! These jellies retail for £9.99 each. 

These hair removal jellies get to work in just five minutes. They are quick and easy to apply, you apply the jelly to the skin with your hands, make sure to rinse your hands well and then leave the jelly to do its magic. You then remove the jelly with the spatula included in the box. I highly recommend doing a patch test first, this will indicate how long you need to leave it on for and to make sure that your skin doesn't get irritated. And make sure you don't leave it on the skin for more than ten minutes.

I have tried these a few times and I do like the results and how effective these jellies are! I only need to leave it on for around six minutes for best results and to have all of the hair removed. These are suitable for the legs, arms, bikini area as well as your underarms. I do like that these are fragranced as well as being coloured and shimmery as it makes them a little more fun to apply and use. I don't find these to irritate the skin as long as I don't shower after use, I like my showers incredibly hot and that tends to irritate the skin after use. These are definitely better to use instead of shaving as the results last for much longer. 

Nuthing is a cruelty-free and vegan brand. 



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