Eylure Promagnetic Lashes | Do They Really Work?

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If I ever wear false lashes, it's almost always Eylure lashes. They are my favourite ones to wear and I have reviewed a tonne of their products over the years. Magnetic lashes have had a big moment in the beauty world recently so of course, I wanted to give them a try myself.
Eylure Promagnetic Lashes
Eylure Promagnetic Lashes
The Eylure Promagnetic Lash System is available in two variations, the Accent and Wispy lashes. I have been trying out the Accent lashes but I am considering getting the Wispy ones as I do really like how these work. These lashes have been designed for everyone and everyday wear. In every box, you get a pair of lashes that have been designed to be worn up to 15 times as well as the eyeliner. The lashes themselves are lightweight and comfortable to wear. I definitely find these to be much quicker and easier to apply than traditional lashes.

 With these, you need to apply three coats of the Magnetic Lash Eyeliner, letting each coat dry before applying the next. And once the eyeliner is completely dry you can apply the lashes. I was a little sceptical about whether these lashes work or not but they really do. Make sure that you apply the eyeliner as close as you can to the lash line so that the lashes line up with your lash line as best as you can. You apply the liner like you usually would and it has a long-lasting, smudge-proof formula.

If you don't wear liquid eyeliner a lot, it will take some getting used to apply the eyeliner as it is on the waterier side. But it's amazing how these work. They hold down well throughout the day and they are so simple to remove as all you have to do is pull them away lightly from the lash line! If you need to readjust the lashes, you will need to reapply the eyeliner so that it something to keep in my mind if you are in a hurry while applying them. I think you can get more than 15 wears out of these too so they are great value for money.

The Eylure Promagnetic lashes retail for £20 at Boots - HERE.



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