Recent Reads #15: New Releases with Gorgeous Illustrated Covers

I love this time of year for book releases as there are so many new and exciting books to buy! I have been buying and preordering a lot of books recently and these three were highly anticipated releases and I was not disappointed. 
Not That Kind of Guy - Andie J. Christoper

I haven't actually read Andie's first book yet but I do have it on my Kindle ready to read soon when I have some time off. Not That Kind of Guy is kind of a workplace romance as they meet through work but their romance doesn't start until he is no longer working for her. This was different than what I expected and there was a lot more discussed in this book than just their romance which I loved. It does discuss abortion so that is something to consider before going into it. I loved the Vegas part of this book and what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas and was so unexpected! I can't wait to read Not the Girl You Marry now! 

Faker - Sarah Smith

Now, this is a workplace romance and I loved it! I really liked Tate and Emmie and their hate to love romance. I was obsessed with how Tate looked after Emmie and constantly checked in on her during her medical emergency. I also loved the plot of the workplace being in construction as it was different than all other workplace romances I have read recently. Emmie works with an office full of men and I really liked the way it was handled. If you liked The Hating Game, you would like this as they are kind of similar. The only thing I found weird with this one and I know a lot of other people did too, was how much Tate was referred to as pale. This isn't a recent release as it did come out a few months ago and it is a debut! 

The Tourist Attraction - Sarah Morgenthaler 

I am a sucker for books set in Alaska and this was such a good read! I have been thinking about this book ever since I finished it and I can't wait for Lana's book to be released in October. Graham owns a diner called The Tourist Trap and Zoey is on vacation for two weeks in Alaska when she meets Gramn. He doesn't date tourists but sparks fly between him and Zoey. This was a really fun read full of mishaps and adventure with Zoey. There is also a moose and I really liked the craziness. 

What have you read recently?



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