Five TV Shows & Movies I've Loved Recently

I used to read a lot of books, now I watch a lot of TV. With not having much to do at the moment while I'm at home, I have been working my way through a lot of TV and movies. So I thought I would share my top five watches from the last couple of months. 
Five TV Shows & Movies I've Loved Recently
1. Suits

If you follow me on Twitter, I have been tweeting a lot about my love of Harvey. I binge-watched all nine seasons of Suits in about a month and I loved it and will definitely rewatch it again. This is a legal drama with a hint of comedy and I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. I went in watching it only for Meghan Duchess of Sussex and ended up becoming absolutely obsessed with the whole cast and the plot of the show. 

2. New Amsterdam

This is a medical drama that again, I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do but I am hooked on it and watched all of the available episodes in a couple of days. This is a very dramatic, slightly sad show and I have to admit, I do cry a little at almost every episode but this is definitely a new favourite of mine. I adore Dr Helen Sharp and this show has really given me even more respect for doctors and appreciation for our NHS. 

3. My Spy

Action comedies are my favourite type of movie to watch and this was a lot of fun! It stars Batista and been a wrestling fan, I had to give it a watch! If you need something to cheer you up, this is it. This isn't available on any streaming services yet but as soon as it is, I highly recommend adding it to your watch list! 

4. Jonas Brothers: Happiness Continues

I am a huge Jonas Brothers fan and I went to the tour back in February so I was so excited to relive it all over again! This was a surprise release last week and it couldn't have come at a better time. Kevin Jonas is the best Jonas Brother xo.

5. The Baker and The Beauty

This is a brand new show and I have only seen the first two episodes and I already hope that it gets renewed! This is such a fun, romantic show and has Jane the Virgin vibes. This show really cheers me up after watching a few episodes of New Amsterdam. 

What are your favourite TV shows? I always need recommendations! 



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