Non Makeup Everyday Essentials

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There are products I use every single day that I never talk about online. But I couldn't be without them and I will be sharing a few of them today. Some of these have been lifesavers while I am staying home and I am excited to share them.
Non Makeup Everyday Essentials
I spend a ridiculous amount of time every day staring at screens. My eyesight isn't great either and I get headaches a lot. My eyesight is only a pain when I am looking further away so for handheld tech and my desktop, I needed something to help with the headaches. I got a pair of these Blue Light Glasses from Amazon and I rarely get headaches now! They really help with my eye strain and I always notice a difference with and without them on. Quay also have some really cute frames which I will be investing in next.

Another essential of mine is my planner from The Happy Planner. I am on my third yearly planner now and I can't recommend them enough. This system really works for me as I love the monthly overviews and the weekly spreads with more than enough room to write down my daily to-do lists as well as decorate it with cute stickers. I use my monthly pages to plan out all of my blog posts for the month and it's so helpful! I adore this brand.

Coffee is a daily must for me as I am up at 4am Monday to Friday but what I love using every single day in my coffee is Jordan's Skinny Vanilla Syrup. I have tried so many vanilla coffee syrups and this is hands down the best one! I love this brand, they make some seriously delicious coffee products. You can also get this in TK Maxx for around £6 so keep an eye out once they reopen again.

I am always on my phone, like I previously mentioned but one app I check every day is BorrowBox. This is an app available through my local library and is completely free so definitely check if yours has it! I check it every day to see what new titles have been added and to listen to my audiobooks. A lot of the books that I like to read are only published in America and for some reason, BorrowBox often seems to get them so it saves me the £7.99/10 that it would cost me to buy them on Kindle!

What are your daily essentials?



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