Shrub Hair Care Favourites

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A few weeks ago, I posted all about Shrub hair care (you can check out that post here) and today I am here to share my top three products! I love trying out new hair care and I'm always on the lookout for products that will protect my hair against heat damage while keeping it soft and smooth as my hair is on the drier side.
Shrub Hair Care Favourites
My first favourite is the Instant Detangling Spray. This product has been a lifesaver! My hair always gets in a huge tangle overnight and once I have washed it, it's even harder to brush. But this product really does make a huge difference and my Tangle Teezer glides with ease through my hair now so I don't have to worry about any further damage to my hair. It also smells really good! You can also use this on dry hair which I like to do if I have had my hair in a bun because for some reason it always gets in a huge knot when I have my hair up.

Next is the Prepare & Protect Hair Primer. I have been mainly using this before I blow dry my hair to leave it more manageable and it's quite hydrating too! This makes a huge difference to the finish of my hair once I have dried it and I am a huge fan. I like knowing that this also protects my hair against heat damage and it also works well with other products. 

And my final favourite is the Heat Protection Spray. I use this on my hair when it's wet and dry and it has been really helping protect against damage. It works well with other products while also leaving behind a light scent on the hair. Heat protecting products are a must-have in my hair care routines, especially as I use heat on it almost daily. 

Have you tried Shrub?

All of these products are vegan. 



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