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When I read Kathryn Freeman's previous book, The New Guy (review here) I was a little disappointed. So going into this book my expectations weren't that high and I ended up really enjoying this one! I always like to read a few books by an author and now I can't wait for her next release. 
Up Close & Personal - Kathryn Freeman

British actor Zac Edwards is the latest heartthrob to hit the red carpets. Hot, talented and rich, he sends women wild…all except one.
Close protection officer Kat Parker hasn’t got time to play celebrity games.  She has one job: to protect Zac from the stalker that seems to be dogging his every move.
Zac might get her hot under her very starched collar, but Kat’s a professional – and sleeping with Zac is no way part of her remit…
My Review
I didn't know too much about this book before going in but it is more of a romantic suspense and I really enjoyed it! Every now and again I will read a romantic suspense book and I always find myself gripped which I definitely was by this one. I enjoyed this more than The New Guy as there was so much more romance in this book which is what I am here for! The suspense aspect to this is a little over the top but regardless, I really liked it! 
I really liked Kat and the fact that she was his bodyguard in this, we love a strong woman. I also really liked her niece, she is a typical teenager but she bought some light and laughs to the story. Zac was so swoony with everything he did for Kat as well as for her niece! Zac and Kat's relationship was a little slow burn which I always appreciate and there are some steamy moments. 
This book was a little long but having said that, I didn't find it boring even though it was a little repetitive at times, I wish he would have been more upfront with his past with her much quicker into the book. There is a lot of depth and backstory to the characters but it was easy to follow and I didn't expect Zac's past in the slightest, especially when it all came out at around 70% in. This was a fun read and I would recommend it if you are looking for something fun with a little drama! 

Up Close & Personal is out now and the ebook is currently 99p! You can purchase your copy here



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