Lee Stafford Hair Apology Booster Treatment Review

- This post contains a gifted item -

Lee Stafford is one of my favourite hair care brands and I was so excited about the new Hair Apology range as it's a range specifically designed for damaged hair. And my hair needs all the help it can get!
Lee Stafford Hair Apology Booster Treatment Review
The Hair Apology Intensive Care Booster Treatments retail for £8.49 and in the box you get four specially measured individually booster treatments. These treatments contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to deeply nourish, detangle, strengthen and soften the hair to leave it looking and feeling recharged. These treatments will leave your hair sleek, soft and healthy-looking from the first use. 

For £8.49 and getting four treatments, I think it is a fantastic deal. Each measure has also been designed with a cap that you can switch around and save the product if you don't use it all. I have quite long, thick hair so I needed the full treatment whereas my mum has shorter, thinner hair and only needed half. 

These treatments are recommended to be used once a week. It's to be used on wet hair after shampooing and condition after use if needed, I didn't need to use conditioner. It's best to be left on for around 10 minutes but I always like to leave treatments on the hair for as long as possible. 

I can't say enough good things about these treatments! From the first use, I noticed amazing results with my hair being so soft and smooth and what I loved about these treatments is how my hair looked as well as felt. For a week after use, my hair was glossy and full of shine and my hair was so much easier to brush too. 

These treatments also aim to help reduce breakage so I will definitely be continuing to use these once a week for best results. These are definitely treatments that work and I love that the results from each use last for days, even with daily washing. 

Lee Stafford is a cruelty-free brand. 



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