Party of Two - Jasmine Guillory | Spoiler Free Book Review

- This post contains a Netgalley arc -

I have read a few books from Jasmine Guillory and I heard great things about this one so I was so excited when I got approved for an arc of it. You already know by now that I love rom-coms and this was one of my favourite reads in June. 
Party of Two - Jasmine Guillory | Spoiler Free Book Review

''Dating is the last thing on Olivia Monroe's mind when she moves to LA to start her own law firm. An entire night of flirting with a gorgeous man at a hotel bar could change her mind though - until she discovers that he's hotshot junior senator Max Powell.

Max's determination to win Olivia over proves him to be sweet, funny, and noble - not just some privileged white politician she assumed him to be. Dating in secret is fun at first, but when they finally go public, the intense media scrutiny results in the exposure of Olivia's rocky past, criticism of her job, and questions about her suitability as a trophy girlfriend.
Olivia knows what she has with Max is special, but is it strong enough to survive the heat of the spotlight? '' 
My Review
Olivia and Max couldn't be any more different but I loved them and their relationship. When they first met, Olivia has no idea who Max is and that he is a Senator and I thought it was quite funny with how she found out. And I loved when they met each other again a few weeks after their first encounter, it was really fun! 
Olivia is a Black woman and Max is a White man and I really liked how racism and diversity were discussed in this book. I mainly read romance and this is one of the few romances I have read that had a discussion of racism. While Max is very privileged and a lot of the time doesn't even realise it, he isn't ignorant and he does recognise it a lot of the time. I also really liked how the American criminal justice system is involved in this. 
There is a lot of cake and delicious treats in this book and that was one of my favourite things about it. There are also a few swoon-worthy moments involving Max and these sweet treats! Olivia and Max have fantastic chemistry and I usually hate when that break up comes up in almost every romance but it was needed in this one and I really liked how it was resolved! 
This is easily my favourite book from Jasmine so far and I can't wait to read more. You can get your copy of Party of Two - HERE


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