My Summer Hair Care Tips

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I put my hair through a lot year-round with far too much washing and usage of heat tools. But in the summer I always need to go to extra lengths to keep my hair in the best condition as it always ends up being so much drier from the sun and being outside so much more. So today I am going to share my tips on how I keep my hair soft, smooth and frizz-free! 
The first of my summer hair care tips is to use deep conditioning treatments in place of conditioner a few times a week. I alternate between a few different hydrating treatments and I always like to use ones formulated for damaged hair. This is a game-changer for my hair as it is always on the drier side but these treatments give my hair a much needed regular boost. And if I can, I will leave the treatment on overnight and wash out in the morning and it makes my hair feel incredible. I like to do this after spending the day at the beach or in the pool as the salt and chemicals from the pool are harsh on your hair. 

One of the new treatments I added to my hair care routine recently is from Lee Stafford's new Hair Apology range that has been designed for damaged hair. I also like to use hair oil on my hair while it's damp after washing to help lock in moisture and help to smooth the mids to ends. I learnt recently that it's best to use hair oil as the last product in your hair care routine as it will lock in any other products you have used too. 

If you colour treat your hair like I do then it's important to use products to help prevent colour fading, I dyed my hair purple a few days ago so I am in need of some new products in my routine. There is a tonne of products, including some affordable options, that will have UV protection in them and these will help to keep your colour vibrant and will also help to keep your hair as healthy as possible as UV rays can weaken the hair. You also want to make sure to use SPF on your scalp and take it from me, you don't want to experience a sunburnt scalp! There are a few leave-in conditioners that will help to hydrate the hair while also protecting against UV damage so you can get all of the benefits of a few different products in one. 

As the humidity is worse in warmer weather, my hair tends to get a little crazy but there are a few products that help with this and keep my hair smooth and sleek! An affordable product that will help with this is another from Lee Stafford and it's the Dehumidifier Spray which retails for £5.99. I have used this for years and it really does work! Redken, ORBIE and Living Proof also have products to help with the humidity. Nobody wants to have hair like Monica if they can help it! 



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