Osmo Colour Revive Violet Review

I have been doing quite a lot to my hair in the last few months and now I have purple hair and I love it. Purple hair needs a lot of maintenance to keep it bright and vibrant so I have been trying out a few different products to help and this is my favourite so far! 
Osmo Colour Revive Violet Review
The Osmo Colour Revive is available in a few different colours and I went for the Violet option as it is the closest colour to what I have dyed it. This is an intense colour conditioning treatment that will help maintain and enhance colour vibrancy. Purple is a really difficult colour to keep bright and vibrant as it washes out so much easier and exposure to the sun and other external factors will accelerate fading. 

This product has been enriched with Avocado and Linseed oil to help nourish and protect the hair while leaving it feeling soft, shiny and more manageable. It's super easy to use, you will need to apply this to shampooed hair that's towel-dried and apply through the roots to ends and comb through. You are supposed to leave it on for 3 to 10 minutes but I usually leave it on for at least 45 minutes. As it's a conditioning treatment it isn't going to harm the hair if you leave it on for longer. Make sure you wear gloves while applying this as it will stain the skin (and your bath or shower). 

This is an incredible product! I have been so impressed with this and I will be purchasing this for as long as I have purple hair. I have used this a few times now and it does last well with washing. The first time I used this almost all of the purple I had dyed my hair had faded and this completely revitalised my hair! I will post some photos on my instastory so you can see before and after. For best results, I would probably use this once a week to keep your colour looking it's best. I even used this on my roots as they had grown out about a centimetre and it covered them so it's great for me to use in-between dyes. It also leaves the hair feeling super soft and smooth and smelling amazing! 

I purchased mine from Just My Look for £8.95 and it usually retails for around £15. 

Osmo is a cruelty-free brand. 



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